NC Law Firm Helps You Prepare a Last Will and Testament That Reflects Your Wishes

Our estate planning knowledge lets you achieve your goals

At John F. Hanzel, P.A., we develop estate plans with clients to achieve their goals. Our wills lawyers have extensive experience in probate court. We also represent your estate in a will construction proceeding or other probate litigation should anyone challenge your last will and testament.

You need a last will and testament to make sure that your estate, including any property and assets you own, goes to the loved ones or others you select. Unless you transfer property into a trust, the lack of a will means that everything you own is divided among your closest relatives under the laws of intestacy in North Carolina. These laws could result in your property going to relatives not of your choosing.

To avoid this, an attorney experienced in probating a will can discuss an estate plan with you. We help clients with property holdings, assets and estates of all sizes. Everyone deserves to have an attorney who can assist with the complexities and formalities that can make drafting and executing a last will and testament a challenging task. We also help with other procedures necessary to create a complete estate plan, including preparation of a living will.

Everyone — young and old — needs a last will and testament

No one with responsibilities and loved ones is too young or old to think about executing a last will and testament. Whether you’re just getting started or have worked hard your entire life, proper estate planning brings peace of mind.

If you execute a will and your life changes as the years move on, we can assist you in updating and revising your estate plan. We recommend that people periodically review their estate plans.

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The attorneys at John F. Hanzel, P.A. work with you to prepare your will and help you with your estate plan. Our estate planning attorneys serve clients in Cornelius, Charlotte, Huntersville, Mooresville, Lincolnton, Davidson, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 704-892-1375 or online today. Saturday appointments are available. Se habla español.