North Carolina Lawyers Offer Effective Estate Planning for Wills and Trusts

Charlotte area law firm helps ensure that your last wishes are respected

The attorneys at John F. Hanzel, P.A. approach all aspects of estate planning with compassion and understanding. Regardless of your net worth or wealth, we can help you craft estate plans and deal with various issues of concern for your family in the event of your death.

If you die without a will, the courts in North Carolina decide who raises your children, inherits your possessions and administers your estate. Your property is inherited by certain relatives based on the laws of intestacy. This means that specific relatives may inherit your property and others get nothing. The relatives entitled to your estate may not be the individuals you want to receive your property.

You can work with an attorney to develop an estate plan that meets your desires and ensure that your last wishes are carried out. Only in this way can you make sure that your property and other assets are inherited by the people you want to benefit from them after your death.

Our knowledgeable attorneys help to protect your estate

The attorneys at John F. Hanzel, P.A. also litigate disputes arising from the estate probate process to carry out your wishes in the event someone challenges your will. A person may challenge your will by claiming that you were incompetent, incapacitated or the victim of undue influence of another person when executing your will.

We help you with various estate planning needs, including:

  • Last will and testamentA last will and testament is the primary estate planning document. It allows you to name the person who serves as executor of your estate and establish who receives your property. Your will can also be used to appoint a guardian for your children or other loved ones who may need protective care.
  • Probate The transfer of your property after death to the beneficiaries specified in your will is a court-supervised process known as probate. A probate attorney is often necessary to assist your executor or administrator with necessary filings and details to make this happen.
  • Living wills A living will can set forth your desire for a natural death if you end up on life support or in a vegetative state. It can direct that extraordinary means to prolong your life be discontinued or withheld.
  • Powers of attorney A power of attorney grants a third party of your choice the ability to make decisions on your behalf. A healthcare power of attorney can accomplish this with respect to your medical needs. General powers of attorney can address other areas.
  • Guardianships When parents, spouses or other loved ones are unable to take care of themselves or their financial matters, a guardianship may need to be set up and a guardian assigned for their protection.
  • Conservatorships A court may assign a conservator to handle financial matters for your parents, spouse or loved one in a conservatorship proceeding.

Our estate planning attorneys are ready to help you

The attorneys at John F. Hanzel, P.A. are ready to help you with your estate plan. We handle estate planning needs for clients in Cornelius, Charlotte, Huntersville, Mooresville, Lincolnton, Davidson, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 704-892-1375 or online today. Saturday appointments are available. Se habla español.